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kapow was built by Broadleaf Global. An organisation dedicated to unleashing potential and enhancing lives. Because managing change is hard, but not impossible together.

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Our tailored insights are written by qualified psychologists who are have decades of experience in supporting people's development journeys.

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Our Story

kapow was built by Broadleaf Global. We are a group of like-minded, passion-driven people (more like a family really), who believe that people should always come first. Over our various careers and through our life experiences, we have witnessed a variety of struggles, hurdles and a waste of people’s potential in many organisations. Because of this, Broadleaf was formed by Paul Dykes and Louise Perkins in 2016 to help unleash potential and enhance lives - for our clients, ourselves and others.

Paul and Lou are brother and sister who have worked in small businesses and massive organisations. Something they saw all too often was people's potential being squandered; largely a product of the environment they were in, as well as through a person's inability to connect to their own potential.

This is where Broadleaf began, with a core belief in connecting people to their full potential. It is this belief which inspires kapow. The team behind kapow all have varied and unique skills, but what we have in common is our deep-seated belief in the Broadleaf purpose: to support people and organisations to unleash their full potential.

Because change is hard, but not impossible together.

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